• 6 Surprising Benefits of Massage

    Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate how it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. Recently, some surprising benefits of massage have been found helpful for: 00000

    James Girard Bodyworks
  • Adding one, 60 minute massage a week

    can decrease muscle soreness, increase blood flow & maximize soft tissue healing. Plus, the 1-hour of relaxation can help with sleeplessness, anxiety and depression. 00000

  • Where You Feel It, Is Where It Ain’t

    Hold tension in your shoulders, neck and back? As Ida Rolf, Founder of Rolfing/Structural Integration used to say, “Where You Feel It, Is Where It Ain’t!” One of the things I’ve learned in my 8 years of bodywork practice is that, more often than not, the pathways to healing are often not linear. A good…

    Where You Feel It, Is Where It Ain't
  • New Studio!

    Opened in late spring 2017, my new studio at 67A Henry Street is a delight for body, mind and spirit. 00000

    massage san francisco duboce triangle
  • Centrally located studio in Duboce Park

    My ground floor studio is centrally located at 67A Henry Street, between Sanchez, Noe, 14th and 15th Streets in Duboce Triangle. Easily accessible by bike, foot, bus or car. 01000

  • James Girard Bodyworks

    Deep tissue, myofascial release and transformational massage. Healing for the whole being 00000

Deep Tissue Massage | Transformational Massage | San Francisco

  • Deep Tissue

    Targeting the deep layers of connective tissue throughout the body, deep tissue massage uses slow strokes to apply pressure, focusing on areas of defined pain and tension. 00000

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  • Myofasical Massage

    Myofascial release massage involves stretching the fascia, mobilizing and releasing adhesive tissues, thereby relaxing chronically contracted muscles, and improving lymphatic circulation. 00000

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