Transformational Massage

Transformational Massage

Transformational Massage

No Comments on Transformational Massage Transformational Massage is about addressing core wounds we all acquire, often starting as survival methods at one time that become unhelpful and unconscious coping mechanisms as we grow. As we work to discover the roots of these wounds we can also trace where they are held within the body.

hook up apps usa Being given the opportunity to address and release these energies, allows us to become more authentically the people we are capable of being.

check this link right here now I have been profoundly changed and charged by this work, and I am humbly honored to participate in this process with my clients as the work comes up. Sometimes it presents itself without warning, sometimes it can be evoked and only when ready, but it is almost always powerful and always a shift in perceptions, a true transformation. Transformational massage is very focused, targeted and a active bodywork session. Often, the client is asked to change positions, move, resist and or activate various limbs and or muscle groups.

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